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Utility Corridor Management using Machine Learning

At Data Tapestry, our team's expertise spans a variety of specialties. While we've been able to apply NLP techniques, forecasting, and predictive analytics to many problems, most recently our team had to work with image data and the complexities that it presents. We combined resources with unmanned imaging experts at Skytec, LLC to create a solution for overgrowth and vegetation management in utility corridors.  Damages in these areas due to overgrowth can occur without warning. Tower damage and power outages can cost millions of dollars in repairs and regulatory fines. It is even more important to detect these encroachments since an electricity arc or flashover can occur within less than 15 feet of power lines, thereby damaging equipment or causing fire to nearby vegetation. Unfortunately, manual efforts to monitor overgrowth can be extremely manpower intensive, expensive, and inefficient. Our Solution Imaging experts at Skytec provide aerial photos of utility corridors via un

Auditing Hospice Care Documentation

Data Tapestry has a large footprint in the healthcare industry. With over 8 years in experience in hospice care, we’ve noticed some large gaps in analytic capabilities in the hospice care field. From maintaining regulatory compliance to managing patient transitions with care, there are many delicate challenges in hospice care that are difficult to manage without the proper tools.   One challenge in particular is efficient documentation auditing over the course of a patient's stay. The documentation needs to be complete and relevant to the level of care prescribed as well as the level of care executed. Many times, this work is left to case workers or quality control departments where there is a constant feedback loop of reviewing the submitted documentation and then re-sending the documents that need to be updated.   With our documentation solution, provider notes can be continuously audited and checked for completion so there is no backlog on getting notes updated via a case worker
Here at Data Tapestry we are here to help organizations looking to understand their data and make improvements to their organization’s customer service, turnover, or solve one of the many other challenges facing organizations today. Some of our specialties include NLP analytics, developing data system architecture tailored for analytics, predictive analytics, and applying applications to simplify data. With some of our current and previous clients we have been able to come up with solutions to assist with turnover by automating the process of analyzing employee exit surveys, analyzing employee efficiency, and utility corridor management using machine learning. We have also worked on a project for integration of financial and contract management systems to improve allocation to company’s KPI, as well as parking assignments for universities during sports seasons to name a few. We are able to tackle a variety of software customizations as well as analyze data and provide solutions to comm